Wind Generators 3,5kw


The Ecolibri vertical axis wind turbines are designed to generate electricity to be fed into the grid or to be stored in batteries for the creation of an off grid system. In this case, the wind turbine must be installed with solar panels too.

All turbines can be connected to each other creating a wind farm.

It can be painted with different colours to better adapt to the surrounding environment. It is the first model designed by Ecolibri and it is particularly silent.

Why a vertical axis wind turbine? the blades are always pushed to the wind in any position: the operation is constant beyond the direction of the wind and is activated even at low speeds; the vertical turbine is usually more effective in turbulent winds and gusts; it needs less maintenance and much simpler.


The first 3.5kW vertical axis Ecolibri wind turbine was designed and built in 2016; it is a system suitable for domestic use and a small space is required to install it, approximately 50 square meters. Entirely designed by Ecolibrì, the product is completely made in Italy. It can provide electricity for a medium-sized house. Aluminium arms and sails with carbon reinforcements, generator on the top of the pole and a drum brake, the machine is perfect for remote electricity needs; in fact it lends itself to being combined with 2.0kW of solar panels for the realization of a hybrid plant. The electricity produced can be conveyed into the electricity grid (on grid system) and into batteries disconnected from the grid (off grid system) making the house completely autonomous.

Made in Italy – Designed and powered by Ecolibrì