My Park

Automatic parking barrier

Innovative and patented, stand-alone parking post.

Works 100% autonomousely by battery.

Ecolibri's low consumption technology make it as reliable as an hardwired system. Innovative ECO-Technology guarantees up to 2 years autonomy of rechargeable battery. Battery charger is also supplied. Also it has a visual indicator of battery discharge status to alert you that battery needs to be recharged.

Anti-shock system, the arch is partially elastic to resist to minor front and side bumps. Manual release system by personalized key. Strong and robust aluminium case. The arch remain locked in up and down positions.

The My Park 2110

The MP2110 is an automatic parking post featured with 12v gear and electronic board in vernished aluminium case and stainless steel arch with fixing anchors and manual release system. 

The My Park kit contains:

  • MP2110 Automate parking post
  • BAT1012 Slim 12V 5A rechargable battery
  • 6203R 2 channels radio coded remote control
  • MP036 battery charger with plug
  • Installation manual