Phone Recharge Kit

Providing standalone energy where power network is unreliable

Phone Recharge Kit

 Compact & portable solar powered generator designed to provide a stand-alone energy source for basic power applications as lighting & cellular phone charger.

An opportunity to provide sustainable energy to connect communities of rural areas and have a social impact by creating business for people living in areas where power is unavailable.

Main product features:

  • Set up is simple and quick
  • It’s a portable system
  • You can be up and running in minutes
  • This smart and efficient solar power unit provides enough electricity to charge up to 6 phones at once 
  • It also run lights during night

The unit features a built in battery for storage, solar module with fixing brackets and an integrated charge controller for reliable solar charging package.


The product includes

  • 1 x BOX 812 Plastic Box
  • 3 modules CMBAT
  • support for fixing the 3 modules COMBAT
  • 1 battery 7° 12V or a battery 12V 12A
  • Solar panel