The solar all-in-one Led lamp

Create for the future

Extraordinary powerful and efficient

  • Up to 21% more energy asset to smart features.
  • Photovoltaic Perc cell top performance.
  • Long life Iron Phosphate Lithium Battery.
  • Last generation Philips Led technology.
  • Integrated all-in-one electronic circuit.
  • Extraordinary compression and bending strength thanks to epoxy sealants.

Underwater solar led lamp

This type of lamp greatly facilitates the installation underwater thanks to its casing in polycarbonate resistant to corrosive chemicals such as chlorinated or saline water.

Plug and play:

  • Easy to install
  • Lighting for spaces and designed areas
  • Efficient in any condition

World map of global horizontal irradiation

Solar powered

No cables needed

Install without draining the pool

Easy installation

Compact design

Recessed and protrunding flanges

Easy to install on any surface

  • Circular recessed flance

  • Circular protruding flance

  • Rectangular recessed flance

Lighting colors

The range of Led colors avaible makes the choice wide

Hot White
Neutral White
Cold White