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Summer Holday: Ecolibrì will be closed from 15 to 19 August.

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New product available: ECOSPHERA  have a look on the product page !

New wind turbine 10kW – “Coming soon 2022”

New wind turbine 20kW available  in 2023


Here are some interesting aspects about our company and its history.

Ecolibrì srl is a company established in 2016 that works in the field of renewable energy, with a focus on wind energy. The company was born as a result of a five-year project developed by the company A.C.E. srl which has been producing wire harnesses for over 50 years. Ecolibrì was initially born as a project, later as a brand of A.C.E. until it becomes an autonomous entity, even if the ownership of the two companies is the same.

Ecolibrì’s main products are vertical axis wind turbines of different sizes (3.5kW; 10kW; 20kW) for the production of electricity stored in lithium batteries. In the case of hybrid systems (wind / sun) they guarantee constant availability of electricity even where there is no national electricity grid or for the production of electricity that is fed into the grid.

In 2015, on the occasion of a first exploratory trip to African land, the situation of electricity shortage was personally verified. Ecolibrì starts to undertake important relationships in order to develop a network of contacts with both public institutions and private entities in order to propose the Ecolibrì solutions.

Between 2016 and 2020 four representative offices were opened with their showrooms (Mozambique, Swaziland, Moldavia, Dubai).

As for the wind turbines, the next goal is to perfect the functioning of the already existing turbines in view of the prototyping of the 20kW turbine and to propose hybrid systems up to 1MW (wind and sun) on the market, such improving the living conditions of the world population offering clean electricity to the world, given the moment of strong sensitivity on the subject.

Over the years Ecolibrì has moved on the international market by identifying suppliers of high quality standards and with a range of products that could be perfectly integrated into the Ecolibrì brand line.

Today Ecolibrì markets a wide range of products related to renewable energy, such as solar air conditioning systems on grid and off grid, mono split or multi split; thermodynamic system for water heating; solar inverters on grid with and without battery and off grid; solar pumps for agriculture; solar gate openers; solar street lamps of different powers; outdoor solar lights; solar charging kit for mobile with three light bulbs.

Custom solutions

We not only provide products, but complete solutions that perfectly fit the needs of your organization. Do you have a nearby river or is there a lot of wind? Do you have sun for over 200 days a year or is it very cloudy? How much is the energy consumption of the entire unit? There are several factors we consider before designing the perfect solution for you.

How it Works

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Analysis & Quote

We do all the research for you so we can come up with a custom solution which fits you best and provide a price quote.


Once we have defined the project, we will take all the next steps to ensure the supply of electricity as quickly as possible.

Support & Maintenance

Our technical service is available for technical assistance and system maintenance.

Financing solutions through our partners.

Through our financial partners, for the purchase of our products, we are able to propose the most suitable financing solutions for your needs