Ecosphera is the name chosen by Ecolibrì to present a geodesic dome capable of responding to multiple needs such as:

• temporary housing solution (bedroom with private bathroom) suitable for accommodation facilities (hotels, holiday farms, camping sites, etc.) but also for private use for those who have the necessary space and wish to offer a “Glamping” experience to friends/relatives.

• extra space to be used to expand one’s living area, for example as a fitness room, tool shed, warehouse, play area, etc.

• temporary shop to increase the exhibition area of ​​shops, nurseries, sports and / or recreational centers.

Basic Version

This version is aimed at those users who want to use their geodesic dome as an additional outdoor space to an existing property (e.g., home, shop, restaurant, bar, etc.) without any further need.
The “basic version” therefore includes only the Ecosphera (structure + external/internal lining).

As exclusive distributors for Europe of Shelter (a leading company in the production of this type of product), our company is able to offer solutions from 12 to 315 square meters which can be supplied in 2 different versions:

Glamping Version

The “Glamping” project is the real “DNA” of our Ecosphera and allows us to add to the “base” structure all the technology necessary to make the geodesic sphere independent from both an energy and water/service point of view.
Thanks to its business experience, Ecolibrì is in fact able to study “On-Grid” and “Off-Grid” solutions that allow the product to be used as an independent and ecologically advanced accommodation unit.

1. ON-GRID – The solution provides for the connection of electricity and water supply services, by connecting to pre-existing networks (e.g., camping/hotel/restaurant etc.).
2. OFF-GRID – The project is based on the provision of electricity and water supply services in a completely autonomous way, thanks to the implementation of photovoltaic panels.

Technical Specification

Here you can find all technical informations: Ecosphera – Technical Specifications


Ecosphera – in both its versions – can be enriched with a selection of solar energy products that will improve guest comfort:

Hybrid air conditioners
Thermodynamic boilers
Solar lighting
Solar gate openers

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