Wind Generators 20kw


The Ecolibri vertical axis wind turbines are designed to generate electricity to be fed into the grid or to be stored in batteries for the creation of an off grid system. In this case, the wind turbine must be installed with solar panels too.

All turbines can be connected to each other creating a wind farm.

It can be painted with different colours to better adapt to the surrounding environment.

Why a vertical axis wind turbine? the blades are always pushed to the wind in any position: the operation is constant beyond the direction of the wind and is activated even at low speeds; the vertical turbine is usually more effective in turbulent winds and gusts; it needs less maintenance and much simpler.


The 20kW -EW01 vertical axis turbine was born in 2020.

A prototype was made with composite blades and external rotor generator in the shaft head; however, this model will be modified to create a more effective and cheaper turbine.

Made in Italy – Designed and powered by Ecolibrì



Once the 10kW EW02 turbine is finished, the goal will be to design make a new 20kW turbine. Like all vertical axis wind turbines, it will take up little space. Ecolibri has created a first prototype of a 20kW vertical axis wind turbine, however it has decided not to market this product. The design and prototyping of the new 20kW turbine version will therefore be completed by July 2022. It will be a made in Italy product, and will find maximum application in the creation of mini grids for industrial purposes. The sails will be in composite materials, an axial generator placed at the bottom of the pole to ensure lightness to the support pole and it will be a machine with a productivity in conditions of low wind or high wind, according to the required standards.

Ecolibri will take advantage of the support of the Politecnico di Milano to be able to proceed with the realization of this new model.

Combined with battery packs and solar panels, it can be used as a hybrid storage system connected to the grid or independent from the national grid.