Wind Generators

"The Wind Energy" innovation for your home and homeworld

Strenght Points

The vertical axis wind turbines allow you to fully exploit the force of the wind in all its directions without the aid of actuators to correct the attitude of the blades. They noise is very low (≤69DB) and can be arranged closer together if a wind farm is realized.

Ecolibri turbines are MADE IN ITALY. Designed and built in our company.

With Ecolibri turbines it is possible to create off-grid HYBRID SYSTEMS using different sources of energy (wind, sun and any other energy source).


The key feature of the wind turbine ECOLIBRI’ is to have an environmental impact which is completely irrelevant, even in the context of some wind turbines in a same place.

The shape, unique in its kind, makes the turbines minimally invasive both for their small size and for the chance to be painted with colours that reflect the surrounding environment.

Energy Solution

Let us know more about your needs so we can study and offer the best custom energy solution.

The Ecolibri 3.5kW, 10kW, 20kW vertical axis wind turbines are projected to use them where the grid is available. The turbine is connected to the national grid and the energy produced is fed into the grid and used according to the load to which it is connected.

Ecolibri hybrid systems, made from vertical axis wind turbines 3.5kW, 10kW, 20kW, solar panels managed by a single electrical panel and lithium batteries, can vary in terms of power and can be integrated with other types of energy electric. The batteries allow the accumulation of the energy produced making it available 24 hours a day.

Here is just a schematic example of a complex solution.


Which are the components of wind turbine VAWT?

Blade and rotor assembly

Electric management panel

Support pole

Foundation plinth in reinforced concrete

Turbine Development And Installation


On grid and off grid wind turbines

Hybrid systems to manage more than energy sources

Average wind speed above 5 m/s with Weibull K distribution factor ≤ 2;

Site exposed to predominant winds with no obstacles higher than 10 m;

No specific site restrictions (landscape, geological, environmental)

Easy access for heavy vehicles;

• Verify that there are no legal restrictions
• Carry out an anemometric analysis lasting at least six months;
• Check the accessibility for heavy vehicles to the place of installation and related permits;
• Check the space required to mount the wind turbine;
The aforementioned elements affect the cost of the system and consequently the investment payback

In order to understand if a site can host a wind installation, the wind data have to be retrieved from:

weather stations;
anemometric campaign.

How do I position the anemometer?
The anemometric station must be positioned where the turbine will be installed. At this point, it is essential to check the site in order to avoid possible wind turbulences caused by the morphology of the terrain.

The anemometer must be placed on a 10m high pole. It cannot be installed on a building. 220V mains current or, alternatively, an adequate storage system must be present.

GSM coverage must be present
The control unit should preferably be installed in a sheltered place

Rooftop installations are more complex than ground ones. During the project evaluation you need to consider the following factors:
• maximum load that the roof can bear;
• main wind direction;

In the case of installation on the roof, a structure that distributes the lateral forces (pressure, torsion and weight) because most of the time the frequency of the building is unknown

The calculations must be done in accordance with:

The rules of each Country
Geological report of the installation area
Ecolibrì standard plinth is calculated according to the IEC 61400-2 “Wind Turbines – Part 2: Design requirements for small wind turbines” international norm.

Turbine positioning is very important in order to guarantee maximum efficiency in energy production. If the turbines face the wind the distance between them must be at least three times the turbine diameter

Ecolibri technicians will analyze collected data so that it will be possible to define if it is convenient to install a wind turbine.

Attention: wind intensity and distribution may vary from year to year