Charging Systems for Electric Cars

The Future of E-Mobility

The future of mobility is more and more oriented towards sustainable solutions and Ecolibrì, in the wake of this important historical moment of energy transition, continues to invest in research and technology.
The charging systems for electric cars offered by our company meet the different market needs and include:
Single-phase (7kW) and Three-phase (22kW) Ecocharge column in alternating current
Fast column (60kW, 90kW, 120kW in direct current
Wall-Box (7kW single-phase)
The Ecocharge columns (single-phase / three-phase) designed and produced entirely in Italy fully represent one of the “strengths” of the Ecolibrì “Made in Italy” product range.
The Ecocharge Fast columns and the Wall-Boxes are products marketed by Ecolibrì.

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Tax relief for electricity columns

Most of the member countries of the European Union grant tax breaks up to 50% for the installation of charging stations for electric cars.
Find out which rules are in force in your country!