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Ecolibrì and Coral Lodge, united by the same Green philosophy, will be participating in the GECO Italian Virtual Sustainability Fair .

This fully online and interactive fair will be offering all participants the immersive experience of a trade fair, but, for the first time, in an entirely virtual environment.

Sign up as either a buyer or visitor by creating an avatar. Your avatar will accompany you into virtual experience, where you can discover the entire range of Ecolibrì products, including the integrated solar and wind energy system currently under construction at Coral Lodge.

This system consists of solar panels and wind turbines, which will generate energy that will be stored in storage batteries, allowing 24hr clean energy use for Coral Lodge.

In addition to ensuring very low energy consumption, the impact on the environment is equally as low. The turbines are especially designed in order to blend in seamlessly with the natural African environment.

Thanks to the expertise of the Ecolibrì technical and design department, the Integrated system can be customised to ensure that it complies with the requested requirements, as well as taking the environment into consideration.


28, 29, 30 JANUARY


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