Ecolibrì in the World – WEBINAR AFRICAN ENERGY TRANSITION 10 March 2022

A webinar will be held on 10 March with the focus on Energy Transition in Mozambique.
The Italian companies invited to participate by the Mozambique Chamber of Commerce and the Italian Embassy belong to the excellence of Italian companies engaged in the development of renewable energy.

Over the years Ecolibrì has established and strengthened institutional and entrepreneurial relations in African countries such as: Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania and South Africa, bringing its technology to the service of territories without electricity and infrastructure, demonstrating that renewable energy can be generated with wind and solar systems.

Moreover Ecolibrì, through a partnership launched with the Coral Lodge Resort in Mozambique- – has made the energy independence of the structure possible by installing its eco-sustainable products, making it one of the first Green Resorts in the world.

Donatella Scarpa, CEO of Ecolibrì, will talk about the know-how of the constantly evolving company and the possible entrepreneurial developments in the area.