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Ecolibrì in the world

Ecolibrì recently completed the installation of n° 5 wind turbines 10 Kw in the area of Port Elizabeth in South Africa.

This project will be implemented very soon by a “mini grid” of n°50 more powerful 20 kW generators for an energy production of 1 megawatt, which will be available to the local companies and communities.

The technical details of the turbine, as example the braking and starting system that adjusts itself according to the intensity of the wind, the small environmental impact due to the innovative design, the software program in augmented reality used by the technical department in order to manage and monitor remotely the entire system, make Ecolibrì a growing company for a continuous expanding market, and thanks to its innovative technology the wind system and the company is becoming a reference for the world market.

Ecolibrì means FUTURE !