GREAT INAUGURATION PARTY – Thikuba High School Siteki

Thikuba High School Siteki

As announced previously on our website, the inauguration of the Ecolibrì pilot system at Siteki in Swaziland was held on June 9th.

It was a great emotion to share with all the present, including top government officials, the commissioning of our hybrid system that will provide FREE power for five years to the  school.

It is a great step forward for this small country that has welcomed our solution with a very nice party, a contribution that will help the growth of both students and civil and public life.

The King of Swaziland Mswati III has invited sent Ecolibrì to attend next week at an SADEC Energy Summit in Mbabane at Amadi University on July 12, 2017.

There have been numerous journalists from different countries and you can see press releases in the Press Clippings section on this site.

We are confident that this is only the beginning of a big change for the future of those who have no access to the power grid!

Here was the speech of Donatella Scarpa CEO of Ecolibrì.



Speech CEO 9 June 2017 Siteki High School