Solar Energy Station

Providing standalone energy where power network is unreliable

Phone Recharge Kit with three lights

Compact & portable solar powered generator designed to provide a stand-alone energy source for basic power applications as lighting & cellular phone charger.

An opportunity to provide sustainable energy to connect communities of rural areas and have a social impact by creating business for people living in areas where power is unavailable.

Useful also for camping and boating.

Main product features:

  • Set up is simple and quick
  • It’s a portable system
  • You can be up and running in minutes
  • This smart and efficient solar power unit provides enough electricity to charge up two mobiles at once and to illuminate the area with three bulbs with cables of different length


The product includes

  • 1 x BOX 812 Plastic Box
  • 3 modules CMBAT
  • support for fixing the 3 modules COMBAT
  • 1 battery 7° 12V or a battery 12V 12A
  • Solar panel

Made in China – Powered by Ecolibrì