Solar Gate Openers

100% autonomously solar powered gate and garage door openers

Solar Powered Openers

Solar Powered Gate Openers

100% autonomously solar powered gate door openersSolar powered gate 100% autonomously also where AC power is unavailable and are ideal for rural areas.

The Ecolibri Sliding Gate Openers are powered by solar panels, ideal for small light duty residential gates up to 800kg 4m rack are included, additional rack can be added as optional accessory in case of gate longer of 4m. Ensures long lasting performances in all weather condition. Operate your gate powered by a photovoltaic solar panel for 100% autonomous.

The Ecolibri Swing Gate Openers are ideal for double swing gates up to 2 x 3,5m/11,4ft each wing , with a classic vintage design gate opener features: several advanced options combined with telescopic actuators for greater strength and less mechanical stress of the system.

Standby low consumption technology ensure long lasting performances and reliability.

Our openers are build for quick installation, easy adjustments and reliability: they can work in continually cycles without motor overheating. They provide service for life long lasting performances in any climate.


Quick closing and opening. Open your door faster than ever with our powerful & reliable 24V high speed motors


The opener stops in both directions decreasing the speed and avoiding unwished banging closing. This prevent from usury and ensure long life to your open gate gear and hinges


Obstacle detection safety system guarantees maximal safety of use: Pushing force is constantly controlled and, in case of obstacle detection, the door stops/inverts the movement within 0.7 sec in compliance with safety norms



Sliding gate openers are featured with magnetic limits for a precise stop of your gate


Low consumption technology system with integrated battery charger & solar panel management. Openers featuring solar powered technology are the most versatile as they can operate by 3 type of power supply without any additional module required:

  • A.C. 110/230V 60/50Hz
  • By emergency battery. Up to 5 days autonomous use in case of power failure
  • By solar panel for 100% autonomous use

Made in Italy – Powered by Ecolibrì