Hybrid Air Conditioning

Solar air conditioner

Overview & System Architecture

The ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner is different as the regular DC inverter air conditioners. During the day, it runs directly on DC power from solar panels..

With the intelligent Power Management technology, this system can directly utilize the DC power from the solar panels, no longer need an inverter, controller or battery. During the sunshine day, when the solar power generated is bigger than the air conditioner power consumption, the ACDC hybrid solar air conditioner can get most power from the solar panels, the efficiency high up to SEER21 rating.

The unit can be connected with up to 380v/10A solar DC power. This system is designed for hybrid operation by utilizing the solar providing all the power required during sunshine hours. This system primarily uses solar power, and mixes it with normal 220v-240v AC power if needed.

System Component

Indoor & Outdoor unit both adopting DC brushless fan motor and DC permanent-magnet rare earth compressor, greatly reduce the energy loss, ensured low noise. Moreover, the DC brushless fan motor can adjust the frequency and cool/heat power accordingly.

ACDC Hybrid Solar AC System

Our ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner system is designed to use solar power.

The Hybrid ACDC Solar Air Conditioner does not require any battery, and just need a few solar panels to deliver huge saving. During the sunshine day, when air conditioner is needed at the most, you can operate this unit up to 100% by solar panels. When night comes, you continue to save > SEER 21 rating on this unit.

The ACDC Hybrid system key features:

  • Intelligent
  • Green
  • Safe
  • High efficiency
  • Installation manual

Made in China – Powered by Ecolibrì

Outstanding Feature

When the grid voltage low to 165v, our system can still work well. Besides the compressor and control circuit, all the main components are DC powered, like high efficient DC fan motor, compressor and electronic expansion valve. There are several sensors in the system detect the circuit, control the refrigerant flow volume through the electronic expansion valve, thus achieve perfect combination of intelligent refrigerant flow and inverter technology, raise or lower the air conditioner’ s cooling/heating capacity according to the actual conditions.

The inverter controller manage compressor running speed, refrigerant flow volume and fan speed etc., these all can be managed through the several sensors detect the circuit, and adjust automatically according to the actual conditions. When the room temp. is approached to the setting temp, the system will automatically lower its capacity and power consumption, so the inverter Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology itself can save 40% -50% compared to the regular air conditioner.

ACDC Hybrid Solar Features

High efficiency brushless inverter permanent-magnet compressor

High efficiency brushless inverter permanent-magnet compressor

R410a environment protection refrigerant

Indoor unit noise level low to 26 dB

30s fast cooling/1 min c-powerful heating

Built-in MPPT, maximum utilizes the solar power during the day

Super wide operating temp. range: -10°C-52°C

Solar panel connection on 0.0 outdoor unit: Easy installation Plug & Run

Additional Features

Well Designed

Advanced variable angels air flow design, increased air flow volume and distribution, more comfortable.The long distance air distribution. Design can cool/heat the room quickly.

Quality Material

High strength zinc coated material, strictly anticorrosion process treatment. Even installed at seaside places, still has longer lifetime than the regular air conditioner.


The ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner installation in very simple and convenient. Similar like the regular air conditioner, connect with the solar panels after installed, plug & run.

Saving Mode

Press the “ECO” on the remote controller, the air conditioner instantly enters into ECO energy saving mode without fussy setting and operate.

Settings Memory

Auto restart memory function, when the grid power comes back after power cut, the air conditioner can automatically restart and run under previously setting mode.

Ergonomy and Healthy

Outdoor main board reverse Installation design, better anti-fungus, better duct and wind prevention, especially suitable for GCC countries. Multi-layer air filter good for your Health.


Wide voltage design Series connect 2 pc to 9 pcs solar panel 2~9 pcs solar panels, achieve 50~380V DC

Mobile App

Intelligent design Mobile APP control, terminal centralized control, uniform management, more energy saving and convenient.