Solar Water Heater

Thermodynamic system


  • Equipment
    • Without ducts
    • Without ventilators
    • Without defrost cycles that use energy
    • Super efficient compressor with low energy consumption
    • No need to install support equipment
    • Hot water guaranteed, available day and night, hail, rain, wind and shine up to 131 F

    Solar panel

    • Captures heats regardless of climate
    • Primary circuit does not need to dissipate excess heat on hotter days
    • Easy integration with architecture, versatile no visual impact


Did you know?

Did you know? That all thermodynamic solar systems only have one mechanical element that requires electricity? This element is a low energy consumption compressor is extremely efficient. As the capacity to capture heat from the environment is primarily ensured through solar radiation, it is super to other equipment with the same goal offering maximum savings. The maintenance of the system is pratically non-existent and it has high longevity.

Main Components, General Diagram Of Assembly

  1. Thermodynamic solar panel
  2. L-shaped fastenings for attachment of aluminium panel
  3. Set of bolts, female, washer and bushing (6x or 8x)
  4. Refrigerant copper pipes
  5. Water storage heater
  6. Thermodynamic group
  7. Hood + Display
  8. Bolts CHC M8
  9. Expansion tank
  10. Safety group
  11. Presure reduction valve

Made in Portugal – Powered by Ecolibrì

System Architecture

Distribution Of Consumption To Different Systems