Solar Water Pump

Low power and high performance submersible continuous current pump

Overview &
Installation example

SOLARWATER is a submersible continuous current pump – low power and high performance pump that may be fed with 24V and 48V, with current absorption of 1A and 4A adapted to the pumping heads of (10 to 150 meters).

The pump operates based on a patented system of opposed pistons driven by cams in oil bath connected to a continuous current motor with permanent magnets and special long-life brushes, fully sealed and isolated from water.

The pump is available in two variants for different flow rate and depth.

The pump may be fed directly by  4 solar panels connected in series (12V-80W or 12V-125W each), or by 1 or 2 panels with nominal voltage 24V connected in parallel, or by batteries. The pump comes with an electronic protection and control unit - MK3 controller. The pump discharge rates vary between 1.980 and 10.050 liters a day. The pump has a diameter of 98 mm and is long between 760 mm and 890 mm, it weighs approximately 13 and 14 kg. The pump is provided with a quick connection for PE pipes sized 25 mm. The pump has been designed for pumping water with normal chemical composition at surrounding temperature; it is possible to adapt the pump for salty water or moderately aggressive water by adding an anticorrosion kit (zinc anode). It's prefered but not compulsery to arrange the pump to operate in vertical position. 

Key Features

  • Maximum depth - 75 mt
  • Discharge rate Max. 8.500liters/day at 10m
  • Voltage 24/48V CC
  • Pump type Piston pump
  • Power Max. 320W
  • Protection device Controller MK 3

Technical data and general performance table

Solarwater / Specification



Total dinamic head max 75 m max 175 m
Flow rate max 8.500 lt/day max 10.050 lt/day
Vmp 24/48 V 48 V
Pump type All models: Pistons
Watt max 320 W max 500 W
Safety Electronic controller MK 3
Current draw Between 1A/4A Between 2A/6A
Physical characteristics
Diameter All models: 98mm
Length 760 mm 890 mm
Weight 13 kg 14 kg
General performance Panels: 4x80w Panels: 4x125w
10 Depth Meters 8.500 liters/day 1.060 max liters/hour 10.050 liters/day 950max liters/hour
25 Depth Meters 5.300 liters/day 660 max liters/hour 5.600 liters/day 500 max liters/hour
50 Depth Meters 4.300 liters/day 540 max liters/hour 5.040 liters/day 475max liters/hour
100 Depth Meters - 3.600 liters/day 350 max liters/hour
125 Depth Meters - -
150 Depth Meters - 2.240 liters/day 240 max liters/hour
175 Depth Meters - 1.980 liters/day 230 max liters/hour