Agreement with RIT University – Dubai

Cooperation between Ecolibrì and the RIT University of Dubai for a greener future.

We are pleased to announce that Ecolibri has signed a partnership with the RIT university
– Rochester Institute of Technology – in Dubai for the installation of a 10 kW vertical axis turbine prototype and an Ecosphera.

Through our representation Sharaf Future in the United Arab Emirates, we  have reached an agreement with the prestigious University for the installation of a 10 kW wind turbine which will provide the energy efficiency necessary for all the activities  of the Campus.
Furthermore an Ecosphera will be set up in the outdoor spaces,  which will be used for workshops and classrooms.

The agreement was signed in recent days in the presence of our legal representative Felipe Carneiro, the Rector of the Campus and the Prof. Galib , who is responsible for the project.

The event was celebrated with the consignation of a  plate.