Inauguration of the Technology Center – Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai (RIT)

Last March 7, we had the honor of participating in the inauguration of the technological hub within the university campus of Rochester Institute of Technology, Dubai (RIT Dubai), an extraordinary moment that marked a significant chapter in the history of Ecolibrì. Our top management was present to celebrate this unique occasion and witness the result of the fruitful collaboration with the prestigious university.

This event represented not only the concrete realization of the “Sustainability Park”, but also an opportunity to strengthen ties between the parties involved and to inspire a common vision of sustainability and innovation. The presence of our business leaders highlights our direct commitment and deep involvement in the evolution of projects that promote sustainable energy solutions.

Our impressive and symbolic 10 kW vertical axis wind turbine now stands as an integral part of this technology hub, helping to shape a greener and more promising future. We look ahead with great enthusiasm, confident that this fruitful partnership will continue to bring innovations and eco-friendly solutions to a world that increasingly needs sustainability.

View the video here :